Thursday, 21 January 2016

SEAM celebrates its third transnational meeting in Brno, Czech Republic.

From the 03/02/2016 to the 06/02/2016 fourteen representatives of the seven partner organisations of SEAM will meet together in Brno (CZ) in order to evaluate the activities made within the project till that date and especially the local workshops run on each partner country on the last months to test and improve the intellectual outputs of the project.

The trainers and coordinators responsible of developing the learning materials of the project SEAM for adult education on second languages and mobility, will meet together on this third transnational coordination meeting in order to monitor the activities of the project and work on its future steps.

On the one side, the meeting will be used to evaluate the local workshops that each partner organisation has carried out on the last months with adults (over 50 years old) and focused on testing the materials on second languages, interculturality and mobility developed by the project team on its first stage. The event will allow partners to share the experiences obtained during these workshops and the results of the regular evaluations made of the exercises done in them.

On the other side, and after reflecting about the mentioned evaluations and results obtained, partners will work on the improvement of the current project materials, modify them if needed and prepare the learning units tested for its final edition.

The meeting will also have as aim to prepare the next transnational activity of the project: a transnational training course in spring 2016 in Slovenia that will join together 35 adult learners, 7 trainers and 1 coordinator coming from the seven partner countries taking part in SEAM.