Monday, 11 April 2016

Forty-three adult learners and trainers from the seven partner countries of SEAM took part on its second transnational training course in Slovenia.

The event that took place between the 30/03/2016 to the 05/04/2016 in Topolšica (Slovenia), joined together representatives of all the participants who have taken part in the previous stages of the project SEAM and on the creation of its materials. 

The second transnational training course of SEAM gave the opportunity to adult learners from its seven partner organisations to meet together in order to evaluate their learning process on the local workshops developed on the last months on each partner country and test the materials created for them.

Supported by an experienced team of trainers and facilitators (same ones who developed the learning materials of the project and that will be available online at its end), adult learners had the chance of working and interacting among them thanks to a complete programme of activities mixing formal and non-formal methodologies (Such us brainstorming, drama techniques, group discussions, teambuilding activities, board games, body language, intercultural workshops, etc.). These exercises did not only help them to continue with their learning process on communication, second languages and interculturality, but also contributed to evaluate the project materials and improve them through an evaluation process used to get all the feedback of participants thanks to group reflections and paper forms.

Besides all these activities, participants could also discover the environment of the venue of the training, its nature, the culture of all the countries taking part on the event and also Ljubljana thanks to activities designed to interact not only among them, but also with the local population.

“SEAM: Social Education of Adults through Mobility” is a two-year strategic partnership at international level coordinated by Asociación Gantalcalá (Spain) with the support of Innovative Community Centres Association (Bulgaria), Diecezni charita Brno (Czech Republic), Passaggi onlus (Italy), Latvian Adult Education Association (Latvia), Municipio de Amarante (Portugal) and Inštitut Antona Trstenjaka za gerontologijo in medgeneracijsko sožitje (Slovenia), and funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commision under its Key Action 2. You can subscribe to the newsletter of the project and get more information by going in or contacting the local partner of the project in your country.

You can see all the photos of the meeting in the project'sFacebook page